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Peshing New Metalis is a new metal materials research and development enterprise incubated by Pan Gu Group. At the beginning of its establishment, it has independently built a full-featured metal material R & D and testing center, which can independently complete various R & D tasks such as material design, smelting, molding, milling, 3D printing, testing, etc., and provide guarantee for continuous optimization of product quality. There are several experts and engineers in the R & D center, including 2 doctors, 15 masters, and 90% of them have bachelor's degree or above.

Peshing shares R & D center with additive manufacturing industry, customizes material composition according to customer demand, optimizes printing process, and verifies the whole process. ...
  • Alloy R & D equipment: high vacuum electric arc melting furnace, high vacuum induction melting furnace, high temperature suction casting furnace, vacuum hot press, high temperature molding machine, etc.
  • Powder R & D equipment: vacuum induction non crucible atomizing furnace, multi-function vacuum atomizing furnace, high-function ball mill, vibration / air flow screening machine, etc.
  • Testing equipment: SEM, DSC, STA, XRF,OES, ICAP, Oxygen nitrogen hydrogen joint tester, metallographic microscope, laser particle sizer, universal testing machine, etc.
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