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3d printing technology for mold waterways


The traditional mold waterways are distributed in the form of 2D, mainly processed by drilling. Therefore, when designing the waterway, it is necessary to consider whether the drilling conditions are met, such as the sectional diameter of the waterway, the length of the waterway, the shortest distance between the waterway and the product surface, and whether it will interfere with other inserts of the mold. The shape following waterway of 3D printing of metal is almost unlimited. Because of 3D printing, the waterway distribution is closer to the product surface, achieving better heat conduction, balancing mold temperature and improving product quality.     


Principle of conformal cooling            

During injection molding, the cooling of plastic products mainly depends on the mold cooling water path, but the traditional cooling water path is manufactured by milling machine and other machining processes. The water path can only be cylindrical straight holes, which can not be completely close to the surface of injection molding parts. The cooling efficiency is low and the cooling is uneven, resulting in long injection cycle and large product deformation.            

The 3D printed conformal waterways can be of any shape and section. By changing the shape and section, the conformal waterways can be evenly arranged to achieve faster and more uniform cooling effect. The water path of the 3D printing mold can be evenly distributed with the product shape, thus further reducing the molding cycle and improving the added value of the product. With the continuous improvement of printing technology, the continuous improvement of printing accuracy and the printing price has been reduced to an acceptable range, 3D printing with shape waterway workpiece has been recognized by more and more users.       


Application scope.

In recent two years, 3D printing with shape cooling mold inserts have more and more applications in injection mold. With the shape of water mold insert widely used in packaging, automotive, electronic 3C, medical, home appliances and other industries, such as: electronic 3C industry game handle mold, charger shell mold, packaging industry PEGT hot runner reverse pile mold, automotive industry fuse box, automobile connector and other mold. 

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