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Introduce what is copper based amorphous alloy

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Copper based amorphous alloy sounds a bit strange, but its two other common names-metallic glass and liquid metal may be heard by you.

Copper based amorphous alloys are currently mainly presented in three forms: bulk amorphous, amorphous powder, and amorphous thin strip. The corresponding preparation methods are currently divided into copper mold casting method, mechanical alloy method, and single-roller spinning method. Amorphous alloy has strong local corrosion resistance, mechanically very high breaking strength and hardness, and it also has excellent elasticity. The lack of tensile plastic deformation ability of traditional amorphous alloys at room temperature hinders their application in structural materials. With the deepening of the work of the department, the tensile plasticity of amorphous alloy composite materials has reached 7%, which provides new possibilities for the application of amorphous alloys in engineering materials.

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With its unique disordered atomic structure, good physical and chemical properties, copper based amorphous alloys have attracted the attention of scientists in many scientific research fields. Its multi-component features provide a wide range of application scenarios, but at the same time the complex composition issues also affect the design and development of high-performance new materials. 

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