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Application of bulk amorphous alloys in the field of biomedicine

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Bulk amorphous alloys have a wide range of applications, let's take a look at it in the biomedical industry.

bulk amorphous alloys

Bulk amorphous alloys are widely used in the field of biomedicine, from plastic surgery, cardiovascular to dental implants and fillers. For example, in the use of biomedical equipment and biomedical implants, an amorphous alloy body with good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance is the best choice; while in fracture repair materials, absorbent sutures, bone fillers, etc. It is suitable to select the bulk amorphous alloy body which is gradually degraded and absorbed as the disease is cured.

In recent years, the research efforts of amorphous alloy materials in various countries have continued to increase, and their applications in electronic equipment and other aspects have also emerged.

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