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Zirconium based amorphous alloy has the following characteristics

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As one kind of amorphous alloy, zirconium based amorphous alloy has the following characteristics.

It has more excellent mechanical properties, such as high yield strength, large elastic strain limit, basically completely elastic before yielding, no work hardening phenomenon, high fatigue resistance and high wear resistance, etc.

zirconium based amorphous alloy.jpg

Zirconium based amorphous alloy has good processing performance. Near the glass transition temperature, some amorphous alloys have an elongation rate of 1500%

With excellent resistance to multiple, medium corrosion ability. Some sketch alloys are 1000 times higher than stainless steel. Therefore, it can be used for a long time in the harsh environment.

Zirconium based amorphous alloy has excellent soft magnetic, hard and unique expansion characteristics and other object performance.

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