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Custom amorphous alloy performance characteristics

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As a new type of metal material, custom amorphous alloy has many excellent characteristics and is typically glassy in atomic structure, so it is also called metallic glass. The important properties of amorphous metals and alloys are their high strength and hardness.

custom amorphous alloy

For example, Fe-based amorphous alloys has a tensile strength of 3 530 MPa, Fe B20 has a tensile strength of 3 530 MPa, Fe30 P13 C7 has a tensile strength of 3 040 MPa, and ultra-high-strength steel (crystalline) has a tensile strength of only 1 800~2 000 MPa. Amorphous alloys have low elongation but are not brittle and have high toughness. Many quenched metallic glass ribbons can be bent repeatedly, even if bent at 180°, they will not break.

Custom amorphous alloy magnetic materials have the characteristics of high permeability, high magnetic induction, low iron loss and low coercive force, and no magnetic anisotropy. Amorphous alloy has strong corrosion resistance, the main reason is that it can quickly form a dense, uniform and stable high-purity passivation film.

Therefore, the application prospect of amorphous metals is broad, and it is a new field of attention in materials science.

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