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Application of titanium-based amorphous alloy in the biological field

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Among the series of bulk amorphous alloy systems that can be used as potential biomedical materials in recent years, the important position of titanium-based amorphous alloys in biomedicine has attracted great attention. The main reason is that the titanium based amorphous alloy has a lower Young's modulus (80~110GPa) than the Ti-6Al-4V and other alloys for biological use, and is closer to the human bone elastic modulus. The implant and the human bone elasticity The problem of modulus mismatch is expected to be completely resolved.

titanium-based amorphous alloy

Not only that, the excellent mechanical properties of the titanium-based bulk amorphous alloy make it show great application prospects in biomedical applications such as pacemakers, ventricular assist devices, implantable drug delivery pumps, bone plates and screws. Because the titanium-based amorphous alloy composite material not only maintains the excellent properties unique to amorphous, but also has excellent biocompatibility.

It is worth noting that the titanium-based amorphous alloy, like crystalline titanium, is still a biologically inert material. If such materials are directly implanted into the body, the surface will be covered by a layer of non-adhesive fibrous tissue membrane. The bonding between the tissues is mainly because the tissue grows into its rough surface to form a mechanical lock, but cannot Form a stronger chemical bond. Therefore, in order to improve the biological activity of the titanium-based amorphous alloy, it is necessary to perform active treatment on its surface. This method provides favorable conditions for subsequent tissue fiber growth in biomedicine.

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