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Peshing New Metal successfully developed amorphous alloy tube

Views: 6562020-08-08  

At the end of December 2019, Peshing New Metal received a cooperation invitation from a prestigious university in the United States, and needed to prepare an all-amorphous alloy tube with a slope of 40mm, a wall thickness of 1mm and a length of 125mm.

The preparation of amorphous alloy pipe fittings of this specification is a huge challenge within the industry. The process research and development department quickly set up a project team to explore the whole process process from scheme design, component selection, mold design, alloy melting, preparation and molding to post-processing. In the end, it took 20 days to complete the research and development task, which was highly recognized by the prestigious school.

At present, the existing amorphous alloy hollow pipe fittings are made of solid preparation methods. The method of fixing and releasing the amorphous alloy ribbon after applying for a patent in 2019 by the Institute of Applied Physics of Jiangxi Academy of Sciences (http: // www / zhuanli / 50 / 201910137943.html), and the centrifugal casting method adopted by the Institute of Metal Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2001 (, and Successfully manufactured a ZrAlNiCu amorphous alloy ring with an outer dimension of φ30*20mm and a thickness of 1mm. However, the above methods are not suitable for preparing thin-walled amorphous alloy tubes with long dimensions and uniform wall thickness required by cooperation. Developed a 1mm thin-walled equal-diameter amorphous alloy tube, which successfully embedded the blank of this type of product in the market, and provided a new choice for the application of downstream tube products.

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