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Introduction to zirconium based amorphous alloy

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Amorphous alloy refers to an alloy in which the atoms are arranged in a topological disorder in the three-dimensional space in a solid state and which remain relatively stable within a certain temperature range. Amorphous alloys have unique and excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties due to their unique long-range disorder and short-range orderly structure. Although the discovery of amorphous is very early, it was not until 1960 that Duw ez in the United States prepared Au-Si amorphous alloys with rapid solidification technology that aroused widespread interest in amorphous alloys. Research on amorphous alloys, such as the development of amorphous alloy systems, the glass forming ability of amorphous alloys, the properties and applications of amorphous alloys, and the physical processes such as the relaxation and crystallization of amorphous alloys, have become the current field of materials science Hotspots and frontiers.

amorphous metal

Since the zirconium based amorphous alloy has a strong glass forming ability (GFA) and a large supercooled liquid region, it is possible to easily prepare a bulk amorphous alloy of good quality with less complicated equipment. At the same time, zirconium-based bulk amorphous alloys have a series of excellent mechanical properties. The research on zirconium-based amorphous alloys is the most extensive, including the influence of appropriate addition of alloying elements on the GFA of zirconium-based amorphous alloys, the fracture mechanism of zirconium-based glass alloys, Fatigue fracture characteristics and crack tip propagation characteristics, zirconium-based glass alloy composite materials, etc. 

Zirconium-based amorphous alloy has been successfully used to prepare golf club heads for use, and other molded products. morphous alloy components.The study found that Zr63 .8Al11.4Ni17.2Cu7.6 has the highest glass forming ability and thermal stability among the 6 alloys, and its T g, T x and T r/g values are the highest, respectively 671 K, 75 K and 0 .61. The component points that can form a bulk amorphous alloy and the component points of the amorphous related phase are all located near the intersection of the equal electron concentration surface and the equal atomic size surface, and alloys that meet the equal electron concentration and equal atomic size criteria are relatively high.

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