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Peshing new metalis a new metal materials research and development enterprise incubated by PanGu Group. At the beginning of its establishment, it has independently built a metal alloy powder R D test center with complete functions, which can independently complete various R D tasks such as material design, smelting, molding, pulverizing, 3D printing, testing, etc., and provide guarantee for continuous optimization of product quality Card. There are several experts and engineers in the R D center, including 2 doctors, 15 masters, and more than 90% of them have bachelor's degree or above.     


Peshing shares R D center with additive manufacturing industry, customizes material composition according to customer demand, optimizes printing process, and verifies the whole process. At the same time, it provides one-stop research service for other organizations from high-purity metal raw materials to product testing.   


Bulk amorphous alloy R D equipment of R D center includes: high vacuum electric arc melting furnace, high vacuum induction melting furnace, high temperature suction casting furnace, vacuum hot press, high temperature forming machine, etc. alloy material composition can be customized to achieve kg level smelting and forming, and small batch samples can be prepared.     


Metal powder R D equipment of R D center includes: vacuum induction no crucible atomizing furnace, multi-functional vacuum atomizing furnace, high kinetic energy ball mill, 3D printer, vibration / air flow screening machine, etc. special powder can be customized and 3D printing research can be completed.         


The testing equipment of R D center includes: SEM, DSC, STA, XRF, oes, ICAP, oxygen nitrogen hydrogen joint tester, metallographic microscope, laser particle sizer, universal testing machine, etc. the R D personnel can independently complete most of the metal material related tests.

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